black man 
i can be drunk off you
your bodies flow through the air and the sun shines and glistens and glows on your 

light golden brown black 

you set the trends and change humanity
you are strong
yet gentle
and conquered the biggest an smallest beasts of this earth
God made man, the black man, to conquer and rule over whatever his heart desires
and you are clothed with the stars of the universe
you are one with nature and one with perfection
your every flaw is a testament to what you have done and what you have overcome
god made you in his image

gave me a third eye to see your true being 

the songs of love that flow from your heart surround me and comfort me
the thought softly touches my lips and comfort me like Moses’ staff
you are one with our creator which created this moment just for us
more perfect than the highest mountain
more perfect than the lowest valley

i woman 
i am grateful 

that i could be part of your transcendence and be so wrapped up in your aura that i am at peace in this life and the next
i am honored to be part of you and part of this existence
to see 
to smell 
to taste
to touch 
for protecting me and providing for me
for teaching me for loving me
for learning from me and growing with me 
for my womb and the breath of life God gave to you 
to give to me 
to give to us 
grateful to you letting me help you preserve it
i am gracious, black man, to be a part of you

-beyond radiant observations

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