secks pt. 2

my body pulses with the intensity of a thousand suns while i type this
every hair stands on edge
every tastebud salivating for the taste of you
to feel you through your clothes
to tease you and please you
to bathe in your wonder
to be close to your skin as the dewy combination of our bodies intertwine
to feel you at my fingertips and the soles of my feet
heat radiates from the deepest part of me
my peaks and valleys eager to be filled

hold on

to be surrounded by your musk 
to feel you with all of my sense
you are a perfect lover
my perfect lover 
to make me feel my femininity and my womanhood
to show me real secks 
or whatever jumbled words we make up while our lips are pressed together

to receive all you that you can give me
and all that i can handle
to be lovers you for eternity
and two souls wrapped and warped through the bounds of time and space
wrapped and warped like the two words they are 
wrapped and warped tight enough for you to erupt 
and time will begin again

for BROthas

What Do You Think, Sis?

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