not love

Intoxicating, warm 
So close and so far 
Our conscious minds 
are connected, 
and even when I embark on a tribe
called quest 
I can relax with you 
Smoke with you 
Make love to you 
We can make love without making love 
Love is what we make it..

Not the deep married love but the 
light hearted- almost love- 
kind of love
that makes my heart race 
and my eyes well 
and my stomach flutter 
and my nerves jump in anticipation of you 

the love that makes me research black history 
our history 
of kings and queens 
their descendants are we 
to find myself in tune with the orchestra of your aura 
and be the first chair 

the light love that will stop me 
and call on me in the middle of the work day 
to stop what I'm doing 
pull out a pen and pad 
to write you a poem about not-love

One Comment Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow.. Deep ! I reread this 4 times .. So so true

    Liked by 1 person

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