To President Obama, On His Final Day

I am truly saddened to see @BarackObama leave the White House. When I voted for him I felt that I could make a difference, too. I am a current graduating law school 3rd year student. I was in high school when he was elected. College when he was reelected. I was inspired. If a black man can be PRESIDENT, surely I can be an attorney, right? (He AND his wife went to HARVARD Law.) If he can deal with international and domestic racism, be subject to global criticism, and have the grace to handle complex world issues – who knows what I could do? All it takes is one. You stand on the shoulders of giants, President Obama, and I am HONORED to have had you as my president for the most important developmental years of my life.- my young adulthood. You allowed me to dream big. Truly. 

What Do You Think, Sis?

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