soul ties

somewhere in between our individuality and independence 
we  crave the one thing we cannot give ourselves: 
a soul tie with another being. 

sometimes we get nervous and 
try to make our own...
but they never work out. 

it wasn't written. 

the universe, God, 
with its infinite knowledge
almighty power 
the alpha 
and the omega 
created me

created my sun kissed, golden skin 
the soft, coily tufts of hair
created my full hips
and my equally as full lips


created chlorophyll for the plants' green hue  
gills for the ocean's amphibians 
sunlight and moonlight 

and maybe, just maybe 
the universe, God 
is crafting a man 
specifically for me
molecule by molecule 
limb by limb 
breathing life into his black skin 
filling his brain with curiosity and wonder 
experiencing life, so that his path 
may one day lead to 

i used to foolishly ask, 
"how much longer until he's ready?"
but these days, i'm content,
finding myself 
changing the world 
knowing quietly that my soul tie is asking, 
"how much long until she's ready?" 


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