To God

To God

We’ve cut down the green pastures you gave us to lay in,
And polluted your still waters.
We’ve deviated from your course,
and continue to sell our own people into perpetual ignorance – In the name of greed.
We exploit the differences in ourselves to inflict pain,
instead of using the commonalities You gave us to help one another to get along.
As a people, we are no longer well versed or connected to You like we once were,
And we’ve made laws and standards to justify our actions when they run counter to Yours.

And You love us anyway, unconditionally.

You continue to provide green pastures and still waters,
Sun to comfort us, Moon to guide us.
You give us Your word, free choice, and purpose.
Day after day you give us opportunity to correct our mistakes and to blaze paths towards Love and Light,
And we will never be worthy.

But God, we are resilient, and we will learn.
Every tongue shall sing your praises once more.
Blessed be the day the World seeks Your Favor.


What Do You Think, Sis?

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