Today is a perfect day to fall in love

Today would be a perfect day to see you Not too cold Fall day To take a walk and fall in love Little sniffles Runny nose Crew necks and scarves Today would be a perfect day to see you -Sis in Mellow Thought Jazz

the end

I hate “the end” The movie ends with a car driving off into the sunset silently implying a good time but What about the sun Where does he go? What about that last ray of sunshine before nightfall Where does it go? And how does it really end? Is the sun sad? Does he hate…

For the 9th Stanza

Sleepy but I can only think of you I have been talking myself out of the idea of you But I love the idea of you And the sad part is You are only an idea That I wish I’d never had Cause you are one of the best things I’ve ever thought of. Sleepy…

breakfast dreams

dreams keep me up at night with a million browser tabs open they help me get to sleep giddy with the infinite possibilities of life they give me something to work towards to when i wake up and settle for apple jacks but dreams make them taste like steak and eggs i wish i was…

A-Lot-More-Than-Like, A-Lot-Less-Than-Love

*No actual names are used, but the memories live.. There was Jordan* and he was a dreamer And I liked that in him He saw no limits, nothing was too outrageous He wanted to explore the whole world, and he wanted to take me with him. And I loved that about him But I didn’t…


Love is A black man Who is a revolutionary Progressive Who understands what it means to wear a suit And to wear a dashiki Who loves God and believes evolution is a thing… Who loves the trees and nature And the cityscape with its hustle and bustle Who has the spirit of protest and but…

Why Being An Educated Black Person is Emotionally Tiresome

Being an educated black person is emotionally exhausting. It is. Lately, A few things have been weighing on my spirit about being #BlackOnCampus and why #BlackLivesMatter – two subjects that have have been at the heart of some primetime news network, college campus discussions, and dinner tables nationwide. This might be a lengthy post, so I’m going…

True Solitude

As a twenty-something in the 2015, I’ve found that it is not easy to be alone. Not alone meaning relationships, but alone meaning solitude. For starters, I live alone. Sometimes I have friends over, sometimes I just like to sit. But even though I am physically alone, I am never really alone.

How I Recently Fell in Love With Nikki Giovanni

So, if you are mostly conscious about U.S. issues like I am, but not well versed in African American art forms, then you have probably heard of Maya Angelou. If you are a black, twenty-something, immersed in hip hop culture, you have likely heard of Nikki Giovanni too — artfully rhymed into Kanye West’s song, “Hey Mama.”

F*ck What You Had, I’ll Give You What You Deserve

On social media, you see a lot of things. Sometimes you see some things that move you to the point where you need to share them with the world. @Britt_Will5 on Instagram posted a short story, and I had the pleasure of coming across it. I wanted to share it with you all. -Sis